Friday, May 14, 2010

A Well Rounded Project

Here are the plans of the fortress I plan to build in a little village near Motul. I have so many houses now in Merida and since the beach house washed away in 2002 we've had no retreat for a weekend or for the summer when things heat up and slow down. The plan is to build this house which will serve as the gathering place in the middle of the future orchard. Then to build some little palapas as guest rooms as they are needed. I sleep in a hammock so I'll be fine. The rest of you may have to sleep on the floor. It's going to be more minimal than the Rothko Chapel. Unless someone dies and leaves me a Rothko!

Friday, January 8, 2010

the Lay of the Land

Here is a sneak preview of the land I recently bought near Motul. The little house belongs to my neighbors. I decided to build here for 4reasons.

1. A whole group of our friends from Belgium have land adjacent to mine or nearby.
2. We own a beach front property 15 minutes away
3. It was cheap.
4. My caretaker lives in Motul so now he'll have no excuse not to come to work.